Critique of Judgement §4-5

§4  Delight in the good is coupled with interest

idea of good in itself as opposed to good for a purpose

in both an end is implied ?

difference between callingsomething good and callingsomething beautiful:

to call something ood i must know what it is ie a concpet

I dont need to have a concept of a thing to see beauty init so an image that has no signifivation and has no oncpet can stillplease and therefore be beautiful

despite their seeming equlivalence the agreeable and the good are not the same

cos the agreeable = that which immediately pleases

and the good = related to a later end

the agreeable does not equal the good

eg I  ind cholcolate agreeable but it is not good for me

also says kant, it is unreasonable to belie e tha there is any intrinsic worth in the life of a man who lives obly for enjoyment

it is only that which a man does heedless of enjoyment or any reward can be called worthwhile

happiness is not ‘an unconditioned good’

Both the agreeabe and the good are both coupled with an interest in their object

§5 three different kinds of delight

agreeable and good are connected with the real existence of the objec

but taaste is simply contemplative

ie indifferent as to the existence

the agreeable/the beautiful/the good

agreeable= what GRATIFIES

beautiful = what PLEASES

good = what is ESTIMMBLE

OF these three, the beautifl is the only disinterested and free delight

INCLINATION (gratify/agreeable

FAVOUR (pleases free)


Only when men have got all they want can we tell who
among the crowd has taste or not.

Definition of the Beautiful derived from the First Moment.
Taste is the faculty of estimating an object or a mode of representation
by means of a delight or aversion apart from any interest. The object of
such a delight is called beautiful.

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