Art whores

I was once in a seminar when a young female student referred with some anger to ‘art whores’.

I don’t remember her developing this idea but do remember the emotional heat with which she said the words and the moral overtones of her use of the word ‘whore’.

It is probably trying to patronise her to say that I remember her very positively

I still find what she said  problematic and want to relate it to a bundle of ideas.

First is the moral stance adopted by some people I have met in art education and the moral significance given to certain art behaviours.

This is a very big topic and I can only think about it step by step and hope something comes out of it.

First is Kant’s idea of ‘disinterestedness’ in art –

I have got to read a Critique of Judgement again and figure it out

Adorno’s connection between art and politics

Berger’s aesthetic statement :

‘In 1960 Berger had defined his aesthetic criteria simply and confidently: ‘does this work help or encourage men to know and claim their social rights?’

Is a cognitive idea generator something that is morally judgeable (ie in the same way that one could ask whether dreams are morally judgeable) ie is art and or dreams in that set of things about which one can use moral judgements?

Another view of the elephant is Alfred Gell’s idea of art as to impress the enemy

I am getting confused and confusing – will stop now

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