This blog is a notebook for me to record statements around the issues:
is it art?
what is art?

if it is art, is it good art?

What is good art?

Why do people do things that we/they call art

Because it is my own blog and notebook, I reserve the right to be incoherent and disorganized.  Having said that, I welcome comments that further the enquiry from people who can tolerate this.




man saying that if he shows a picture of a cat for 30 seconds several times and then shows a picture of a different car for 30 seconds it will seem that the new cat is seen for longer than 30 seconds.

when the brain sees  something that is novel it has to burn more energy to represent it

novelty in art?n@@ili

But art… art is sacred. Art is an expression of human sentiment and emotion. Computers stand zero chance of consigning human creativity to the history books. Right? Well, maybe. We’re already seeing the early signs that art will be disrupted by machine intelligence and automation.

Joe rogan neil de grasse Tyson6 sept 19


Called rolling hills but noquote from neil at beginning:

re Van Gogh starry night

’you Know what I like about starry night?  It’s not what Van Gogh saw that night. It’s what he felt.’

The above said in measured momentous tones with knowing emphasis on felt.


JR bless him does [not let this pass  ‘how do you know what he felt?

neil seems a little perturbed by the question  his answer is:

’because  this is not a representation of reality And anything that deviates from reality is reality filtered through your senses and I think art at its highest is exactly that.  If this was an exact depiction of reality it would be a photograph and I don’t need the artist.’

JR ‘oh okay’

neil:  ‘so, è ven photographs that take you to a slightly other dimension as you gaze upon them it’s more than what was actually going on at the time and that’s art taken to the craft of photography,

JR ‘and that’s why you like it?’


That’s one of the reasons why.  I think it was  the very first painting where its title is the background. Think about that This could have been  called oh you know obviously in the full painting, this is a snippet




YEAH THERE’s A TOWN THERE THERE’s A CYPRESS TREE there is a church steeple. It could have been called cypress tree. It could have been called sleepy village it could have been

calld rollin hills

bur no it’s called starry night and everything in front of it everything in front of it is just in the way.  How often do you paint something where the title is the background. That’s my point and in this particular case the background is the universe and so for me this was a pivot point in art and this was 1889 which is recent given the history of paintings that go all the way back. So yeah

JR Is that your favourite painting ever

neil. I have to say yes