Remembering, Repeating and Working through

I picked up this reference from Simon Woolham’s intro to his PhD thesis. And I ‘picked up’ Simon Woolham from sending him a proposal for a forthcoming symposium online run by Huddersfield University and I picked up the news of the symposium from the DRN forums and I picked up the DRN network as I wanted to see whether Helen Birch was still posting on there. And Helen Birch is part of my past one of the ‘buladh lei’ crowd.

Freud seems t have a bad reputation nowadays. But I find what I have read of his work to be really enlightening about how life is. eg civilisation and its Discontents’.

I wanted to see if the Remembering and repeating might reveal something about my painting habit and about drawing. There are things in common with what SW says about drawing, and narrative and this quote from Remembering has connections with Schiller’s spielraum.

‘The main instrument, however, for curbing the patients’s compulsion repeat and for turning it into a motive for remembering lies in the handling of the transference. We render the compulsion harmless, and indeed useful, by giving it the right to assert itself in a definite field. We admit it into the transference as a playground in which it is allowed to expand in almost complete freedom and in which it is expected to display to us everything in the way of pathogenic instincts that is hidden in the patient’s mind’

painting, drawing, dreaming, story telling, talking out repetition rumination, externalising (got to read that French book) are they all connected as some kind of ‘righting’ mechanism to ensure proper functioning of the person?


1 Randomness in Generative Art: Drawing Like a Person

James Parker, University of Calgary




The Arts are More than Aesthetics:

Neuroaesthetics as Narrow Aesthetics

Steven Brown and Ellen Dissanayake

Neuroaesthetics: The Cognitive Neuroscience of Aesthetic Experience

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