Cognitive Idea Generator

Just finished listening to ‘The Man who Couldn’t Stop’ by David Adam

It is about what is known about OCD


an account of his own and others’ experience.

In it he mentions a theoretical construct called a Cognitive Idea Generator

This is apparently an idea from Salkovskis’s inflated responsibility model (of OCD)

What I find interesting about this is the idea that the brain/mind generates ideas (out of nowhere? blue sky ideas? creative ideas? ideas not related to reality???)

that this capacity of the brain evolved as it was adaptive – (return to the relevant part of the book)

ideas in OCD are narrative – to do with cause and effect to do with temporal sequence I believe

can I say something about the cognitive idea generator and the creation of art?  would it help to say something about that?

I should find out about Salkovskis and his model.

I think there is a related area about the moral outrage and blaming that fuels some peoples” discourse on art – see next posting

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