I was puzzled some time ago by the fact that we have one word ‘stone’ and yet of the billions/millions anyway a lot of stones on the earth, no two are identical.  How can this be?

what I remember of this puzzlement and question was its emotional heat.

what kind of question was this?  Should questions themselves have criteria for their existence?  How can questions have ’emotional colour or heat’?

is it a symptom of confused and confusing or is it a path on the way to finding something out?


today reading German Philosophy – a very short introduction by Andrew Bowie (online pdf) I found this

“Without ways of organizing evidence by identifying it in terms of concepts, one would be faced with endless chaotic particularity: what we perceive is always diffferent from moment to moment in some, however minimal, respect, and no two objects are absolutely identical. ”

so, words, concepts, are ways of talking about objects in the world using a constructed singularity for a non-constructed proliferation of ‘events’ in the world.

what is real, the construction or the real events?

well, one thing is that the talking has to be about the abstracted-from-the-real construction and can never be about the real events, except if one were to talk about ‘this stone and none other’. but what kind of restricted talking would that be?

Yippee someone else acknowledged my question

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