More notes on Kant and modernity taken from introduction to German philosophy by Andrew Bowie

Kant responded to historical ideas which are also central to modernity.

Leibniz’s rationalism

spinoza’s rationalism

Christian Wolff’s rationalism +

mathematical truth  can have a status lacking in any other kind of knowledge because it is based on structures in nature ie it cannot be changed by empriical evidence

thus math is infallible


Hume said that modern sciene depends on empiical data which is gained via human perceptions so therefore are fallible

Kant took from this that his old idea of an inbuilt cosmic order ws dogmatic because this belief was not subjected to critical axmintion

Hume said all evidence for causality depends on ou perception of one thing happening after another

so any certainty in the new science is stilll uncertain cause based on our perception?

Kant tries to resolve his

he rethinks the relationship between mathematical necessity and contingent perceptions

the coj dealt with teleology

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