from Wenzel’s introduction to Kant’s aesthetics

I found my problem ideally stated in the intro to this book:

‘Imagine three people standing in front of a painting by Kandinsky or admiring
the sun setting over the sea. Suppose that one of them finds pleasure in looking
at what he or she sees and even calls it beautiful, whereas the second feels nothing
special and says so, and the third even says that the painting, or the sunset, is
downright ugly (which in the case of the sunset might be more difficult to
imagine). Given this situation, is it possible that all three of them have taste? Can
they all be justified in what they are saying? Can they all make “true” judgments
of taste, judgments that are correct or true in some sense? Or is it the case that
at most one of them can be right and the others must be wrong? Can we even
find out who is right and who is wrong, either by examining the object or by
engaging all three judges of beauty in a discussion of some kind?’

Wenzel points out that the critique is not about any ar4t object but about the judgement made by the viewer

”…beauty has its roots in an act of contemplation that takes into account that relationship. [beterrn object and beholder.] the judgement of taste, as Kant debelops it, s a sophisticated and reflecting judgement about our relationship to the object….

wenzell says

wenzel says beauty is in the at of contemplation of the object by the subject

what plays a role on the part of the object   is merely the ‘form’  ie its psatio-temporal structures.

Wenzel says Kant was to find new apriori justifying (ie they justify a jusgement that something is beautiful grounds

the grounds are the principle of sujective purposiveness???

in a ‘free harmonious play of our cognitive powers.

I read up to page 7 and this is what i can recall

theat the jusgement of beauty is not beauty in the oject  but is something o do with the realationship of the subject to the object

that Kant tried to give grounds for the making of a judgement of beauty

that i need to reread it anddothis again

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