so hard! and back to basics!

I started the blog by (I just changed ‘this blog’ to ‘the blog’ because ‘this blog’ assumes i have a reader and I imagine if there were such a one, he/she would be reeling somewhat and I don’t want to make people reel and have learned from experience that it is on the whole better not to make them reel.  On the other hand, someone has surely to be made to reel if anything valuable has to emerge from the fog.  Reeling has to be undertaken and my blog reels.)

I started this blog to examine (slightly rephrased)

what is art?

is a particular object art?

what is good art?

I notice that central (and hidden) in  those issues is Kant’s notion of universal communicability.  Because I find it hard to ask the question ‘what is good art?’ without reference to judgement by other people.  I can admit to liking a piece but have reference to other people before saying it is good and have reference to other people before assessing my own taste.  Oops I am up against the wall which I know to be hard work to climb and to involve quiet hard thinking. and I balk at the task.

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