long time no glimmer

Well little glimmers but few posts.

Here’s one

If the question is:  “What kind of activity is art”

Then you need a set of questions that you might apply to any activity in order to get anything useful out of asking the question of art

So one could take an activity like the one I am doing now = sitting typing and composing (is that the right word) drafting/ or whatever a spiel about a topic.  What would/could the questions about this activity be?

And would there be a central core of questions which could be applied to any actvity

would we learn something about what questions could be applied to one activity and not to another?

and how would we define ‘activity”?


Those questions aside

what kind of activity is this spiel-making?

main thing is it gives me satisfaction – the satisfaction of following a trail of thought (one thing after another)

Is that it?

almost as if the pleasure(?) lies not in the end result but in the following of the train of thought – that’s a bit like doing sudoku

and that puts it in schillers spielraum (notice the spiel! was the previous spiel my unconscious ahead of me – am I merely the vocal outlet for my unconscious when it finally fights its way up

Thank God for the internet and my laptop because they are the best spielraum so far in the world as the toys are all there for the searching and you don’t even know what the toys are before you search.

A note of caution – so many people regard me as confused, batty or whatever nasty word feeds them.

It takes an amount of courage?  to let that go and to continue with the trail following. even if I am one of those whose trail following leads nowhere but who keeps faith with the adaptive gene that works towards finding stuff.

I will not stop being confused and batty but possibly might be a bit more discerning about people and become more able to assess people from my intuitions rather than giving people the benefit of the doubt.

memo to self – be more protective of yourself and at least value yourself as at least of the same value as the other person.




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