Free Thinking – Rauschenberg – performance, identity and the writings of Erving Goffman. radio 3 arts and ideas

the presenter asks what is it about the current obsession with ‘the self’
and references selfies

the self as a word comes into english 13 or 14 century
notes that chinese sense of self is very different from our own
what is it about today that causes so much emphasis on the self- what is it about the present that makes discussions of the self seem so necessary
he asksTom McCarthy the novelist about this.
Tom says that
we are faced with the ascendancy of certain right wing sovereignty – a white male arse hole
he references brexit and trump says that this needs to be addressed
and says the arts are a space where this kind of aesthetic/ideology can be challenged/addresses destabilised put into question (cf schiller and his spielraum))

Dodd asks dexter dagwood about a painting called bay of pigs
Dalwood says that he was interested in the lin between history and art history

dodd says dal woods paintings keep the self out they exclude the self.
dalwood says he sees his paintings as photo-history
he is interested in a collective idea of the self – a projected
idea of the self so what is it when you see suggestive props of something -this person which you thought you had an idea of -then his image makes you think that it is totally not what you thought ……….. it makes you think well where am I why am I looking at this



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