survival value? 1

The infinite monkey cage talking about games of chance and gambling

talking about game playing (Schillers spielraum) being crucial to discoveries in mathematics Euler tried to solve th Koenigsberg ? puzzle and produced graph theory and

‘He made an abstraction of what was going on for each side of a bridge that was a node and then there was like a line going from node to node and he made what looks now like a network and that has become an extraordinarily rich and vibrant field in graph theory mathematics and a lot of the stuff that is around now wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for leonard euler’


this looks like visual art ‘looks like a network’ and abstraction drawn? drawing that moved into mathematics


graph theory – graphic = drawing

Even though Euler found the problem trivial, he was still intrigued by it. In a letter written the same year to Giovanni Marinoni, an Italian mathematician and engineer, Euler said [quoted in Hopkins, 2],

This question is so banal, but seemed to me worthy of attention in that [neither] geometry, nor algebra, nor even the art of counting was sufficient to solve it.


Euler believed this problem was related to a topic that Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz had once discussed and longed to work with, something Leibniz referred to as geometria situs, or geometry of position. This so-called geometry of position is what is now called graph theory, which Euler introduces and utilizes while solving this famous problem.

geometria situs = geometry of position (pat fundamental to realistic painting./drawing)

the applications of graph theory are endless re so many things disease spread/transport theory/etcetc


the female speaker refers to maths as the ultimate playground


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