“Abstraction, like mimeticism, is an aesthetic language that can be interpreted and used politically in a range of ways. It doesn’t necessarily mean erasure, but it does complicate the connection between perception and intellection […] Perhaps the best argument in favor of abstraction was articulated by Theodor Adorno after the Holocaust, when he asserted that realist representations of atrocity offer simple voyeuristic pleasure over a more profound grasp of the horrors of history.” (Coco Fusco in Hyperallergic, 27 March 2017) You can read Coco Fusco’s response to the debates around Dana Schultz’s painting @Open Casket’ in the Whitney Biennial: Censorship, Not the Painting, Must Go: On Dana Schutz’s Image of Emmett Till Presuming that calls for censorship and destruction constitute a legitimate response to perceived injustice leads us down a very dark path. HYPERALLERGIC.COM

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