From Art, censorship and morality – Mathew Kieran

Secondly the role of public art institutions is to give place to good and great art. And the point of good and great art is to get us to engage with not just the world but finding out about ourselves. One of the primary ways in which you do that is by coming up against and thinking about ways of looking at the world, ways of responding to the world, ways of thinking about the world which you disagree with. Through doing so you will suddenly find that things that you had assumed previously you have now changed your mind about. If you only speak to, or only ever look at, works which conform to your own world view, you’re going to have a very narrow world view.

David Edmonds: This is Ethics Bites, with me David Edmonds. Nigel Warburton: And me Nigel Warburton. David: Ethics Bites is a series of interviews on applied ethics, produced in association with The Open University. Nigel: For more information about Ethics Bites, and about the Open University, go to

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