from ‘Proust and the squid’

makes the point that the brain goes beyond what is given in what is seen

she makes the point that she does not know where my personal thoughts went when I read the passage from proust but recounts where hers went

she remembered a visit to an exhibition of monet and said that monet used pieces of visual information that made a more vivid impression that if he had created a perfect reproduction.

she thinks that proust is doing the same thing and refers to a quote from Emily Dickinson:

‘tell all the truth but tell it slant  Success in circuit lies’

reading shows the brains capacity to go beyond what is given by the author   when we read we connect what is written with our own insights (experience?)  (cf the yale prof)

both proust and one used pieces of information so both exemplify the dickinson quote

by using indirectness both proust and monet force their readers./viwers to contribute actively to the constructions themselves and in the process to experience them more directly

‘reading is a neuronal and intellectually circuitous act’  enriched by the readers contributions as much as the direct message of the text

reading allows the species to go beyond the information given to create endless thoughts

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