watching  Jordan Peterson and Camille Paglia on a youtube vid discussing postmodernism and relativism and academic discourse.  Only into the first few minutes but thought this from JP was interesting:  he makes the analogy of the weakness of an animal that is marked in some way – marked out as different from the herd – eg when observers marked an animal so that they could follow its progress in the herd.  this animal became much easier for the lion to catch, Jp makes the point that the vulnerability of the animal was not because of age or weakness but was because it was marked as different.

JP uses this analogy to explain the consensus of academic opinion – opinion that he disagrees with and sees as untenable.  is that academics have safety in group thinking. CP appreciates this.  They do not seem to note that they are creating their own consensus


Not sure about JP or CP –  they both are emotionally wound up in their beliefs.

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