Two ideas out of this:

  1.  Antrese talks about Monet and turner painting London and the thames.  she says that the beauty in these painting is a result of horrible pollution of the industrialisation of britain with its appalling consequences for human health and happiness.  I am reminded of my cellpatui work – why is it that we seek beauty in horror – can i relate this to terror management  – lots of questions here eg were turner and monet aware of the horror in the pollution and the beauty in this ‘processed’ or ‘artifice’ ugliness?  idea maybe do cell patio a la monet or a la turner – why cannot i write without feeling i am pompous?
  2. second idea is that of the pattern and decoration movement  constance mallinson says that this movement is feminist, a reaction against the reductionism of minimalisms and the downgrading of women experience and work
  3. mallinson became part of the pattern and decoration movement in alate 70s early 80s    this movement was post minimalism and ‘reinfected colour pattern ornamentation  more female generated imagery ‘so it was an antidote to the reductionism of minimalism ‘there were few very prominent women minimalists’
  4. at the time the feminist movement getting underway    mallinson says that the impulse to decorate embroider paint flowers etc had been rejected by modernism ‘macho male painters as not important or not serious  nb you can see where the commitment to this can lead to the emotional outburst against chocolate box

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