good art / bad art good words bad words?????

This site is my spielraum.  I hope I have not got this wrong but from what I remember, Schiller’s thought the spielraum was a contained area where social rules could be modified.  I have to go back and read again.  In the meantime, I am aware that writing this might hurt the maker of the work.  I am reassured by the thought that the maker will never see this.  I am also reassured (though on more shaky ground) by an intimation that it is important to think and say these things.  I also offer this as mitigation of what might be seen as rudeness:  maybe there is some fault in me that leads me to disagree with what so many people say and maybe I can find out what that fault is by looking at what is going on.



Screenshot 2020-05-01 at 11.10.32

I would call this bad art.  That is all I can say.   What is going on here?  Just look at all the comments below.  The image ripples as you move the mouse/cursor over it.  In my mind that just makes it worse.  I find the woman’s expression especially bad, not to mention her hair and her prominent breasts. Please somebody help me to make sense of this.

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