This blog is a notebook for me to record statements around the issues:
is it art?
what is art?
if it is art, is it good art?
What is good art?
Why do people do things that we/they call artBecause it is my own blog and notebook, I reserve the right to be incoherent and disorganized.  Having said that, I welcome comments that further the enquiry from people who can tolerate this.


these thoughts struck me as I began to follow the course above:

  1.  human beings are special, have a divine spark that is above the scientific reality of what they are
  2. human beings are not special are totally subject to scientific, objective laws and are nothing beyond that
  3. study of machine aesthetics, the relationship between human aesthetics – human made art and machine made art and machine-aided human made art
  4. machine made art has something missing? I feel this sometimes – need to extend my range of experience.  Ie I do not get the wow experience
  5. if i can define explain what is missing i may move closer to expanding commenting on statements 1 and 2

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