listening to Brian Greene on Joe Rogan latest one April 2021

Rogan and Green are talking about how to understand the universe and its quantum strangeness. Greene says some physicists think we should leave alone the task of understanding it – saying we should limit ourselves to the maths and using the maths to make predictions that can be verified using LHC. Others say they want to try to understand the universe and precisely the universe in this quantum strangeness.

both I think acknowledge the limitations of human thinking and how human thinking evolved to solve the immediate problems of human existence. so human thinking may lack the ability to ever understand this quantum reality we live in.

Greene says the view that we should concentrate on the maths and leave speculation and trying to understand it arose from the early days of quantum mechanics when the need was to develop the maths and not to waste time trying to understand its implications. Now that the theory and the maths are more developed greene says more people are beginning to power the meanings.

Rogan remarks that avoiding or suppressing thinking about the meanings the implications the how’s of quantum mechanics does not sit well with human investigation of the world they find themselves in – explorations in physics, biology astronomy, chemistry – this need to investigate and to understand is part of who we are.

the specific thing they are discussing and finding hard to talk about is quantum entanglement – this is a proved factual aspect of our world – that one a particle comes into contact with another particle, they are forever connected – even though they may be dispersed across the universe. What I will do to the one particle here on earth will also have an effect on its entangled particle on Jupiter or wherever. this is an inescapable and indisputable fact about the universe we live in.

Green remarks that up to this point our thinking about these things, our attempt to understand have all units now been about things out there already there in the universe. But he makes the point that now we are on the cusp of creating things that would never form on their own – new materials new structures. because our mathematical knowledge is now at a point where we can begin to manipulate materials at a sub atomic level. and in the future humans will be the driver of new things in the universe as opposed to up to now being the passive consumer of things already in the universe.

This is related to my exploration of aesthetics, the wow experience. new ways of seeing – not just the effect of microscopic viewing of things in the universe but the creation of new marks, new experience, new punctums

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