Aristophanes and political comedy

Natalie Haynes stands up for the classics series 2 episode 1 of 4



mike leigh

chiraq = iraq/chicago

Cleon was a demagogue

and aristophanes wrote lots of jokes about this demagogue

but the tragedy for the comedian is that this has no effect

This is the real curse of political comedy  No matter how hard you try , you can’t change anything because if the phenomenon is sufficiently widespread for the joke to work its too entrenched for you to get rid of it just by making jokes

Sp after he has ripped clean apart = he writes a whole play about how awful Cleon is Cleon is still picked to be a general – Athenians vote for hardly any positions but he still gets voted in for a job

so it doesn’t always help

It makes me think of that peter cook line when he opened the establishment club and people said what it gonna be like your satirical club and he said ‘it’ll be like those satitievcal clubs in berlin in the thirties

that did such a good job to prevent the rise of hitler and the outbreak ofww2




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