Tim Minchin on power, democracy, experts.


Tim is talking about science and art and the idea that if you want to be an artist then you don’t think critically.


‘there is a sort of correlation between art and an intellectually relativistic attitude to the world ; that to be an artist you have to sort of not lock your thinking in I think is bullshit.

talking about his musicals


they talk about the issue of matilda is about a girl being not allowed to read.

tM ssays

‘this is the issue of our time

he says that what some people call stupidity is not really stupidity it is the rejection of the notion of expertise and he says that this is   the most profound cultural socio cultural political issue of our time

SG asks how much of this idea did he find in the roald dahl story about matilda

tm says Dahl railed against anti-intellectualism and was reviled for it and that this is a problem

the rise of awareness of privilege and the way in which our language can trigger people and make people feel othered

TM says he thinks this is a net positive but in the meantime you are not allowed to say if yove read less books than that guyuth rise of the belief that everyone’s opinions are valid  – they are both post-internet post-curated information side effects

It could destroy us – its really good that the disempowered the mass have a voice its a huge problem if the disempowered are not as educated on certain issues.

TM says re europa he doesn’t have the education for that decision and doesn’t think that his voice on whether to leave europe is valid you should ask experts on european history politics and economics. If trump gets in it will be the first major effect of a post expert-rejecting society



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