Tim Minchin on the comedian’s comedian

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Stuart Goldsmith makes the point that it is hard for him to judge his stand-up comedy – makes the distinction that he can believe his podcast has a definite and worth while purpose – he says he can easily say tat his podcast is a objectively good thing but he finds it hard to think about his comedy that way. (cf kant and schiller spielraum)  Tim M agrees


but says ‘you have a right to loathe your own work but if other people hate it, you are furious.’

‘ Your art is not yours to judge.  You are the least good judge of your own work.

You shouldn’t be your own judge its one of the most important lessons you learn  an artist or whatever putting anything in the world that is personal  Whenever you create something and offer it to society as a whole it connects to what you were saying earlier about zeitgeist and just doing your own thing and hoping you intercept

You do your thing, you make an offer, an authentic offer based on what you think is cool as an artist and you either intercept with an audience or you don’t.

if  you don’t it doesn’t mean your art was wrong just that nobody wanted it.













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