‘Artists make things not because the things they make are special but because making is pencil for us.


We are makers…manufacturers.  What seems to inaugurate the beginning odour the psychologically modern human being is this explosion of making practices of tools making and using pictorial practices linguistic practices.


Artists make things to unveil that fact about ourselves

Works of art are strange tools that in their strangeness are meant to exhibit the place that tools and technology have in our lives (Pat thanks this i like gel’s ideas)

philosophers and scientist think of art as a phenomenon that can be examined.  Noe things that art is itself its own research practice it is a way of trying to understand the world and ourselves (Pat: nowt new here).

the best way to answer the questions e.g. why does art matter is to think of art was out collaborator in answering these questions rather than the object of the questions.

The art situation is the way to put ones own perceptual understanding into view for oneself.  art is a philosophical practice.

both art and philosophy unveil ourselves to ourselves and by doing so provide us with resources to change.


Pat: nowt new here

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