3 october


The Green Room with paul provenza

pp kicks it off at c 17.53 that alks anout news being fear mongering to distract us from the fact that we are slaves to a handful of multinational corporations (eg that woman talking about JC did not have any arguments to back up her epressed emotional revulsion for jc. All she had was the emotion not the reason why

then tim Minchin relates it to comedy

“I don’t do comedy about politics in the domestic politics sense. The reason I do comedy about logic, religion and belief systems is because I feel I can go ‘Well that’s fucking wrong – this is why that’s fucking wrong and that’s why I avoid politics because I cannot get what’s right and wrong about it.

PP agrees and says its because TM values critical thinking and critical thinking is missing on both sides of republican democrat.

Jimmy carr says he does not use politics in his comedy – he just wants to make people laugh.

PP says that makes him part of the distraction that the media which is ‘a handful of corporations have decided the narrative that you now engage in.

TM says when t comes to politics and comedy he is frustrated by the limitations of the power of critical thinking. All his beliefs are formed like this ‘I’m gonna try and be as clear thinking as possible and then you hit politics and because of the massive complication of the media and the narrative that we are sold and your powers are useless because you don’t have all the information. If you do comedy about what on the fron of the newspapers, someones telling you what to think about that’s because the papers are telling you what’s important today


Then Eddie Izzard commits to standing for Mayor of London or an MP. Jimmy Carr says why wouldhe want to go into politics when he is already so successful in comedy and films

EI says it is because he wants to stand up against the fascists







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